ECS 210

Curricula as LAW

how are school curricula developed and implemented?

Curricula are developed through policies that the government puts in place. However, people such as teachers, students and parents get very little say on what is ultimately put in the curriculum. This is decided by politicians, and people who research child development, it seems however that the people who spend the most time with this material have the least say.


What new information/perspectives does this reading provide about the development and implementation of school curriculum?

I learned that school curricula is influenced by a variety of people and goes through a lot of steps and processes before it finally reaches the classroom.  I also learned that so  many people have a influence over what the curriculum consists of and what is expected to be taught. As I stated before, It is shocking and interesting how the political landscape has such a choke hold on the bureaucracy and inner workings of curricula, and by the same extension, education as a whole.


2 thoughts on “Curricula as LAW”

  1. It’s interesting how your before and after readings are intertwined. Truly, while students and teachers, more so, can suggest things they want for curriculum, it is really the laws as set by government policies that make the end decision.
    You mention how shocking the extent to which political bodies hold power over curriculum. I challenge you to also consider who thus holds power over those political bodies. Is it the public who votes them into power based on policies and platforms? What sort of businesses are working behind the scenes? Something for you to critically consider.
    I also like your point on curriculum being affected by people who research child development. I hadn’t thought about this previously, but it is an interesting outlook. I would wonder how much of a role the people behind research are actually given though. Perhaps their research is used as something that speaks for itself (even though it might not).
    I appreciate your outlook.


  2. Hi Drew,
    In regards to your post I thought it was a good touch on what curriculum is. I also thought that it is very strange that the students have very little say. This also shows that we believe that people who are older and are professionals should have more so as they have more knowledge in creating the curriculum. Do you believe that we should put more say in the teachers and government and more on students? Or should the people who went through this process and are experts in this area to be the ones who create it.

    -Brayden Ruszkowski


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